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Totnes Cold Case 1866 Event Latest News

Hello ‘Cold Case 1866’ Event Participants

Final reminders for Saturday 9 April Totnes Event, 2.00 - 5.00pm.

  •  If you are using the iPhone App, it is recommended that you download and install the 'Cold Case 1866' App prior to attending the event to ensure that it will run on your device. Your device requires iOS version 4.1 or above. If you’re running an earlier version, you will need to upgrade. To upgrade connect your phone to iTunes on your computer and instructions will be given.
  • Please ensure your phone or MP3 player is fully charged.
  • It it recommended that you listen to the audio through headphones. Please bring your own with you.

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Florence Luscombe’s notebook:

22 September 1866: In conversation with Hannah Coombes


Mrs Hannah Coombes is staying at the Totnes Races in a caravan, friend of Eliza Gepson.  Hannah Coombes and Barney Brown, another pugilist, had been at the Oxford Arms with Eliza and her husband George and Eliza’s two children, a baby of twelve months and a girl of 7.

"I knew the poor woman, known her for years such a shame aint it. Ah well, I have my suspicions ya know! That William Farley, you know, the one who was there in the marshes when Eliza was killed. I bet he used one his tools to do it ‘n’ all, god forbid! I mean did you hear how her face was covered in blood, well what else could do something like that? And why was he walking through the marshes that late at night? It’s beyond me!"

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Florence Luscombe’s notebook:

23 September 1866: In conversation with John Chapple

The body of Eliza Gepson was discovered by John Chapple, a boatman from Totnes. John Chapple states that it was while working for Mr Bowden, clearing the boat fenders in the mill leat that he came across the bloody body of a woman in the water.

You’ve ‘eard about this ‘ere murder by the mill? Gave me quite a turned stomach when I ‘eard all the grizzly de’ails. Poor girl that Eliza, such a shame, ‘specially for her husband and their nippers. There’s been some funny rumours flying about the place since it ‘appened. Personally I’m a bit miffed by the young master Farley, seems a bit strange of him to be ‘anging around the marshes so much, even for his lot. But I’m not one to point fingers at anyone, it’s not in my nature.

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Florence Luscombe’s notebook

23 September 1866: In conversation with Thomas Palmer

Thomas Palmer and his business partner are publicans from Plymouth and often set up a a beer tent at local events. Thomas Palmer is well acquainted with Mr & Mrs Gepson and are regular customers and neighbours in Plymouth.

"You have to understand as the Landlord of this pub I get hear all the town gossip, the local opinion is that Eliza’s husband played at part in her death, however I do not believe this to be the case! I strongly suspect that Eliza’s close friend Hannah Coombes is responsible for the poor women’s tragic death. I meet a lot of people in my line of work and I have never met anybody who unnerves me, as much as Miss Commbes, believe me, she is a rotten apple if I ever saw one!"

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